About VMI

VMI is a local support group for stay-at-home and working moms in the Vienna area. Whether you’re new in town, a new mom or just looking to make some new friends, we have something for you!

With more than 700 members, we have a wide range of interests and a wide range of activities to satisfy them. Our regular events and activities include:

Annual Dues are $30. The only requirement for membership is that you reside in either of the following zip codes:  22180, 22181, 22182, 22124. and .

Playgroups: One of our most popular activities, playgroups are typically organized by children’s ages and meet once a week, rotating among members’ homes.

Moms and Kids Socials: We usually meet a couple of times a month at a park or playground for a casual get-together.

Moms Nights Out: One of our most popular activities, moms nights out typically take place at area restaurants and give us a chance to catch up without having chase our little ones.

General Meetings: We get together once a month, with our kids, at a playground or the Vienna Community Center to catch up on club news and welcome new members.

Working Moms Group: We have weekend and evening playgroups, pizza nights and moms nights out just for working moms.

Book Club: We meet once a month at a local restaurant to chat about that month’s selection and pick a new one.

Cooking Club: We plan a variety of activities, from demonstrations from local chefs to recipe exchanges.

Special Events: Our special events include marching in the Vienna Halloween parade and parties for Halloween, the holidays, spring fling and summer.

Speaker Series: Monthly speaking engagements ranging from potty training experts to self defense seminars.

Members-Only Web Site: Hosted by Big Tent, our members-only Web site is a great place to get recommendations on everything from allergists and acupuncturists to roofers and plumbers and get advice from fellow moms. You’ll also find info on upcoming VMI events.

Philanthropy: We research and support several local charities, both at the holidays and throughout the year.

Ready to Join? Our annual dues are $30. To join, please fill out the information below, and an invitation will be e-mailed to you. (Membership is limited to the following zip codes: 22180, 22181, 22182 , 22124 and 22027.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out this form, and a member of the VMI board will contact you: